The Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (PACS) has quietly a research project from its website after questions surfaced about the project’s legitimacy.

The research initiative, Disinformation Creep: How Breaking News Stories are Used to Engage in Online Voter Suppression, was undertaken by PACS Practitioner Fellow Mutale Nkonde

As members of the editorial board of Harvard Kennedy School’s Misinformation Review, your presence is meant to confer credibility and legitimacy upon the journal. However the journal’s evident disinterest in the truth, and its vehement hostility to debate, naturally precludes any such effect.

You have likely heard that, earlier this…

It appears I’ve garnered something of a reputation .” I would object.

I think labeling my articles as hit pieces diminishes the actual level of artifice and cunning that the genre demands of its writers. Hit piece writers are extremely self-conscious about their motives being…

ADOS Advocacy Foundation

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