ADOS AF Statement on Harvard Defamation Lawsuit

ADOS Advocacy Foundation
2 min readJul 26, 2022


A retraction is one thing; it prevents any further damage from being done. But we as a justice-driven organization recognize that when harms are suffered, recompense for those injuries must be pursued.

In this regard, the American Descendants of Slavery Advocacy Foundation (ADOS AF) expresses its unequivocal support for the founder, president, and CEO of our organization, Yvette Carnell, as well as for Antonio Moore, as they commence a civil action against Harvard University and all relevant parties involved in the production of Disinformation creep: ADOS and the strategic weaponization of breaking news.

The retraction of Disinformation creep was an extraordinary feat brought about by our organization working in tandem with activists in the #ADOS movement across the country. And through our collective efforts, we overcame one of the most flagrant, coordinated attacks on Black political expression in recent memory.

The issue now will be determining to what degree, in the process of deliberately putting bad information in the hands of the American public, Harvard University and the authors of Disinformation creep did reputational harm to two individuals. And while we feel confident that our rebuttal serves to support the plaintiffs’ claims of defamation, we must necessarily eliminate any confusion concerning the ADOS AF’s involvement in the lawsuit. The organization is neither party to this case, nor will we be involved in any related fundraising initiatives.

We will — like everyone — be following the case closely. And if at some point it becomes apparent that the organization shares a common question of law with the case, then we will take the appropriate steps to secure our stake in the outcome. In any event, we eagerly await a resolution that finds Harvard being held fully accountable for the consequences of its reckless scholarship, and we remain, above all else, focused on the upcoming rollout of our official chapters and state branches.